Wright County Commissioner District 4 now includes all of St. Michael, Hanover, Rockford, and Rockford Township

District 4 Wright County Commissioner Mary Wetter Running for Re-Election

Mary Wetter PictureOn April 26, 2022, the Wright County Board of Commissioners voted in favor of redistricting Districts 3 and 4, moving all of St. Michael into Commissioner Wetter’s district and moving Albertville to District 3. Despite the voters’ decision two years ago to elect Commissioner Wetter for a four-year term, State Statute mandates Commissioner Wetter run for reelection in November of this year despite only serving half her term. Commissioner Wetter has much more she hopes to accomplish as your Wright County Commissioner.

Commissioner Wetter has made Wright County her home for 49 years. During those 49 years, she has lived, worked, and raised a family in Wright County. Commissioner Wetter’s husband of 47 years, Leander, also has strong ties to Wright County. Together they have three adult children, John, Paul, and Anne, who all have successful careers and families. In addition to her work on the Board, Commissioner Wetter also keeps busy with her three young grandchildren who never cease to amaze with what they have to tell her, which helps her hone her listening skills for her constituents. Commissioner Wetter is dedicated to fighting overspending so that her grandchildren’s generation is not left to bear the burden of those decisions.

Spending by the past board and the debt prior boards incurred have placed a high tax burden on our property and through sales tax. Two years ago when she ran for election, Commissioner Wetter voiced District 4’s concerns about these financial burdens. Under Commissioner Wetter’s tenure, District 4’s voices were heard for the first time in years. Commissioner Wetter took an active role in reviewing the budget, asking questions and making cuts to the unnecessary expenses in Wright County. Services remain high for our citizens but not at an unfair cost.

While Commissioner Wetter is disappointed in the Board’s decision that denies the voters’ decision from two years ago, forcing her need to run for reelection two years prematurely, Commissioner Wetter looks forward to representing her new constituents and welcomes the St. Michael residents new to District 4. Commissioner Wetter has always stated she is here for her constituents, that she will listen to you, and that the work on cutting costs and reducing taxes in Wright County has only just begun.

Commissioner Wetter still has more work to get accomplished on behalf of her District 4. Please continue to make your voices heard. On November 8, 2022, vote Mary Wetter for District 4 Wright County Commissioner.

For more information about Commissioner Wetter, the work she has already completed, and the ongoing efforts she will bring to the Board, please continue on this website. To reach Commissioner Wetter, feel free to contact her at 612-554-1129 or through this website. Also look for her on Facebook! Contact her for sign requests. She welcomes your input, will listen to you, and will continue to work for you!