Thank you for your vote. I am honored and humbled by your support.
But come 2021, the real work begins…
To fix what needs fixing and improve our County.

"I will work for you!"

Mary WetterThanks so much for visiting my website.  Here you will find information about me which will hopefully help you decide who you want to represent you as your District 4 Wright County Commissioner.  Your vote will be needed at the November 3 Election.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.


District 4 includes the City of Rockford, Rockford Township, the City of Hanover, the City of St. Michael Precinct 1A (West of County Road 19), and the City of Albertville.

In knocking on doors in the District, the question I hear most often is “What does a County Commissioner do?”  County Commissioners provide leadership and oversight over county operations and activities, creating the county budget and levy to make sure that their citizens’ needs are taken care of.  They see that state and federal mandates are met and that everyday county operations are run effectively, efficiently, and properly.  This would include safety (the Sheriff’s Office), roads and bridges, health and human services, parks, business opportunities, and planning and zoning, just to name a few.  In other words, County Commissioners decide on the everyday things that impact our lives:  the roads we drive on, the parks’ maintenance we enjoy, the businesses we work at or shop in, and the services that protect our families and neighbors.  National and State government is often what we see and hear on the news and read about in the newspapers and internet, but it is the local government that has an important impact on our day to day lives.

Understanding the huge impact this role has on each of us, I am running because District 4 needs someone who will listen to them.  I do not believe that the present Board of Commissioners is doing this.  We citizens are upset with the overspending in our County and are against the huge rise in property taxes as a result of their decisions.  The present Board of Commissioners is not listening to us.  An example is the petition that 4500 citizens signed asking to be able to vote on whether or not to build a new Government Center, which was well over the amount of signatures needed.  Their answer was to say that the petition was not in the proper form and that they would move forward with a lease to own bond.  This Board of Commissioners did not listen.  The intent was there, but they disregarded it.  They did not listen.   My promise to you is this.  I WILL LISTEN TO YOU! 

In reading the following pages on my background experience and service, you can see that I will bring communication skills, problem solving, leadership, integrity, fairness, commitment, fiscal responsibility, transparency, approachability, collaboration, and legislative connections to the Board.  I have the experience working in Committees and on Boards.  Please continue reading to learn more about my background.